Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Request your Aqua Swim Shampoo from Sample2you

Goodbye tangled-chlorine damaged hair
Hair feel dry and lacks of body and shine. Dandruff on the scalp hair and colours fading too quickly. Sounds familiar for those who often have a good swim but have worries on all these problems?
Aquaswim is an antichlorine shampoo and conditioner for sun, sea and chlorine which protects and treats your hair after every swim leaving your hair healthy and chlorine free. Aquaswim not only removes chlorine and sea mineral salts but also helps to protect your hair from UV damage.
How does it work?
Chlorine in water is highly reactive. When in contact with hair, it creates a strong attraction force and binds itself to the hair. It than sucks out the sebum and destroy the sulphur bond that forms the hair. Aquaswim gently unlock these bonds, at the same time eliminates the chlorine.
When a positively charged mineral comes in contact with our hair, scalp, or skin, it attaches on like a magnet Aquaswim contains an anionic polymer that breaks, lifts and disperse minerals almost instantly.
UV speeds up the oxidation of chlorine and works synergistically to destroy the sulphur bonds and discolour the hair. Aquaswim uses a patented hair sunscreen that binds to the hair. It has been proven to prevent UV-B damage.

What you will receive:

A AquaSwim Damage Control Shampoo (100ml)
How you will receive it:

By register mail, within 2~3 weeks of requesting.

Conditions apply:
  • Limited to 1 address for 1 sample.
  • Completed all survey questions
How to redeem:
Register as a member of sample2you and request for it~

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