Sunday, December 5, 2010

May: Shower with Personality Contest

Ladies, are you the diva that everybody loves? That charismatic babe who makes things happen, or the lovable princess who loves to pamper and be pampered? Perhaps the buddy who’s always there to comfort? Or are you the energetic, inspiring goddess? And guys, are you a girl’s best pal?

From 8 December 2010 to 18 January 2011, join MAY SHOWER WITH PERSONALITY CONTEST to express who you are! Check out the details below,

8 December 2010 to 18 January 2011

Group A – FOR HER
  • Each of the five awards below wins a Designer’s Dress by Andy Yap + RM100 CASH:
  • MAY Luscious Diva Award (Luscious Milk Inspired) : She’s composed and elegant. She’s proud to show what she has in life. Her generosity and carefree living makes her so desirable.
  • MAY Radiant Babe Award (White Radiance Inspired) : She’s brimming with confidence. She knows what she wants in life. Her beauty catches your eye and her warm aura captivates your heart.
  • MAY Pleasure Princess Award (Pleasure Inspired) : She loves pampering herself. She’s knows style like no other. She's the perfect companion for shopping, going to the salon or spa, and partying all night with. Her presence gives you a pleasurable time.
  • MAY Calming Buddy Award (Calming Inspired) : She’s caring and sweet. It's so soothing just being around her. Had a rough day? Have amazing news to share? She'll always be there for you.
  • MAY Awakening Goddess Award (Awaken Inspired) : She’s outgoing, fun and inspirational. She's a breath of fresh air! Always happy-go-lucky, there's hardly a dull moment when she's around.
Group B – FOR HIM
This award below wins RM100 CASH + RM100 HAMPER:
MAY Perfect Pal Award : He respects and appreciates his lady friends, and in fact, ladies in general. He’s a fine example to every man.

This award below wins RM100 CASH + RM100 HAMPER:
Popularity Award : The entry with the most number of votes will win.

  1. Decide which personality fits you best.
  2. Post on MAY’s facebook wall a photo of you with a bottle of MAY Shower Cream (The photo should reflect the personality description for the respective award titles).
  3. Write a short caption to tell us why you fit into that personality and start off the caption with “I am a MAY __________” (depending on which award title, e.g. I am a MAY Luscious Diva, because…).
  4. (for those who are also aiming for the Popularity Award) : Get your friends to check out your post and give you a vote.

Group A and Group B winners will be determined by the most creative photo and caption which best fits the respective personality award. Each participant can submit multiple entries, but each participant can only win one prize throughout the contest period.

The Group C winner will be determined by the entry with the most votes of “Likes”. Only entries which fulfil all the contest criteria will qualify. Winners from Group A and Group B will also qualify for this Popularity Award.

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