Tuesday, July 27, 2010

FREE Hugo Boss Fragrance sample

Free trial sample which is FOR HIM. Hehe.. This is a one-day-trial sample. I received this post card sample within few weeks after I submit my details to them.
There is no expiry date for this sample redemption.

This is the sample pack I received. It is about a piece of "cotton" with perfume packed in sachet. Kekeke.. By the way, I haven't try this sample yet, so I'm unable to share what it looks like inside =)
~Click here for Hugo Boss Free Sample~

Select---> Male Fragrance (At the middle of your right hand side)
You can choose for either HUGO Man and or HUGO Element (kekeke)
If you are trying to request for Female Fragrance, oopsss.. very regret to tell that it is only open for UK residents.
That's why I mentioned earlier, this free sample is only FOR HIM
By the way, you will find Hugo Boss is delivering free samples to worldwide ^^
Therefore, this freebies is NOT ONLY FOR MALAYSIA!

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