Monday, July 12, 2010

RM10 voucher giveaway by AiShop!

Wow! I received a RM10 e-voucher from Aishop within 12 hours, after I email to them =)
Thanks for Aishop's prompt action which surprised me very much!
Aishop (爱购物) is a Malaysia Online Shopping Boutique, but not only selling fashions for boys and girls, but beauty cares, shoes, accessories and even has a book store!! *wink wink*
I got the free voucher by joining their ongoing event.
There are only TWO conditions you need to fulfill to have this FREE e-voucher...

You need to have a Facebook account
You Facebook account need to have more than 100 frens!! Hmm.. Can you guys now guess how to get the free e-voucher? Hehe, yes, you need to suggest your 100 (of course, or above is much welcome!) frens to join Aishop Facebook fan page. "Print Screen" the pop out screen after selected your frens, then email to Aishop. That's all! And your e-voucher will be in your inbox very soooon~

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