Wednesday, August 4, 2010

FREE 6 Slimming Sessions from BizzyBody

Bizzy Body Slimming Expert, claiming they are guaranteeing weight loss, is now offering 6 SLIMMING SESSION which is totally FREE! Erm.. with the word guarantee.. very attractive, right? I think this is worth to have a try (free one mah), but please keep yourself clear-headed when facing the super good persuading skills of their sales assistants. Do not burnt your pocket, before burnt your fat. Close your ears after the trial sessions, and evaluate the results properly by your own self before making any further decision, especially those have to take out money one. Kekeke..
To redeem, you need to send a RM 2 SMS, type
Body (SPACE) Six
and send to 32828 as per shown in the picture.
*valid till 30 September 2010~Check Bizzy Body Outlet here~
By the way, Bizzy Body is celebrating the 6th Anniversary. There is a Facebook Photo Contest and u stand a chance to win RM66,666!! Check out more details at their Facebook Fan Page!
A little sharing from my fren's experience for those who are on diet. Drinking lemon juice is a quite effective and natural way for weight loss. It is enriched with Vitamin C, giving us fairer skin on the other hand! So tell me why if it is not worth to try?

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