Friday, August 6, 2010

Palmer's Roadshow @ Mid Valley

Ooops~ Spotted this free give away from AnnaYJia and Jessying's blog.
Palmer's is a brand we used to see in Guardian, or Watsons? Kekekke.. From their ads, there are three type of diff products they have, i.e., Cocoa Butter Formula, Olive Butter Formula and Shea Butter Formula. Wow, I feel so "moisture" from their product name. Hehe.
Okay, back to our main concern, Palmer's is now having a roadshow in Mid Valley from 4th to 8th August. Be their first 1,000 facebook fans to have special previledge to receive their door gift (they are now only have 87 fans!!).

~ Click click to print~
To Redeeeeem,
As usual, you need to be their fans, but please fast, as this giveaway is only for thier first 1,000 fans! Next, print out the above card, complete your details. Present it to Palmer's counter at Mid Valley's Roadshow. And the FREE Door Gift will say "Hello" to you =)
The Roadshow is at MidValley LGCC (Lower Ground Centre Court, near money changers/KFC)

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